Teaching Great Intro Classes

Convert more leads and Onboard Students like a pro


Onboarding New Students ...Made Simple

The first experience a prospective student has at your academy will often set the tone for their future with you.

Over the years we’ve come to recognize that the first jiu jitsu class is often overwhelming for new students and can quickly lead to them feeling like they aren’t “fit” for jiu jitsu and, ultimately, quitting.

The answer we’ve found to be most effective at helping students to enjoy their first class is a free intro-class students will take before they jump into their first class.

These orientations are specifically designed to ensure the student is at least somewhat familiar with the movements they’ll be asked to perform in class, as well as the basics of academy etiquette.

Get Started Onboarding New and Prospective Students like a Pro

  • A step by step guide to onboarding new students
  • Increased conversions and retention rates
  • Comprehensive instructor training course
  • Give new students the confidence they need to keep training