About Us

The Easton Online team combines 30+ years of experience in running successful martial arts academies and proven systems and standards proven across the martial arts industry. Our team is passionate about bridging the gap between passion and business, by bringing professionalism and excellence to martial arts.

What is Easton Online?

Easton Online is a comprehensive program designed for the martial arts academy owner and manager that is committed to enhancing every aspect of their business. 

Why is Easton Online essential to the martial arts essential to your academy?

 As martial arts academy owners, we are put in a very unique and privileged position where we have the ability to truly change people's lives and bring the best out of every individual- students, front desk employees, instructors, and our managers alike. We must run our academies skillfully.

We lose precious energy within the disorganized minutiae of the day-to-day due to structural insufficiencies. That takes away from the experience of everyone that is associated with your organization. 

We all started out in martial arts with a passion and drive, and it is our mission to share this with the world and impact as many lives as we can. We want this to be the best job your instructors have ever had.

Our aim is to help you create careers for those who are passionate about aligning their life with martial arts. 

Most martial arts schools never break the 200-student barrier because their systems are not scalable and break. Our martial arts are constantly evolving, and so should our business practices.

The martial arts industry has exploded over the last 10 years and it is now more important than ever to have a competitive edge.

Our Easton Online coaching staff has over 30 years of combined experience constructing time-proven successful systems to streamline your business operations which will ultimately allow you to work on what is truly important- changing lives.

Our Values

We Evolve

A constant striving for growth within our martial arts, business practices, and personal development.


Providing the best product possible through honest and open conversation between all staff and members of Easton Online and commitment to supreme accountability and ownership across all members of Easton Online.


We work as a collective whole to solve all problems, figure out best practices, and provide the best service to our clients. 


We are committed to making your academy the best that it can be. We have full conviction that martial arts are one of the best vehicles to realize an individual's full potential.

Building Relationships

At Easton Online we believe that 'your network is your net worth'. We have all chosen to go down the path of changing people's lives through martial arts, so it is our mission to help every academy realize its true potential in spreading martial arts to as many people as possible.

Our Story

The Easton Online system is founded on the 20+ years of experience that we have developed through building the network of Easton Training Centers.

Where We Began

It all started when our founder, Amal Easton, came back from traveling to Brazil and realized the need to bring jiu-jitsu to Colorado. In March of 1999, Amal opened the first Easton Training Center location in Boulder, Colorado. Our second location was opened in 2005 in Denver, Colorado. Our 7th location was opened in 2020 in Longmont, Colorado.

People and Culture

After over 20 years of building Easton we now have 5000 members and 7 locations. Most importantly, we now have an exceptional insight in what it takes to architect the replicable scalable systems required to build, not only martial arts academies, but a culture that transcends the physical structures. It is due to this culture that we were able to inspire 55% of our students to keep their memberships active during the COVID lockdowns.

What Now?

Our primary goal at Easton Training Center will continue being the same: changing lives and building careers within martial arts for as many people as possible.

Meet Our Team

Eliot Marshall

Co-Owner of Easton Training Center & Eastone Online

After retiring from the UFC I went straight into running the schools with Amal Easton, who has been my BJJ teacher my entire adult life. After opening and running multiple schools with him and the team I had a vision of teaching other academy owners how to successfully run their school. Hence, Easton Online was born. Now I spend all my days coaching both on the mats and with other Owners how we can best do martial arts. Looking forward to working with you all.

Jordan Shipman

Integrator of Easton Online, General Manager of Easton Training Center Longmont

Jordan Shipman started training at Easton in 2015, and it is not an understatement to say that jiujitsu and the community changed his life. In the fall of 2019, he started working for Easton full time–became the General Manager of Easton Trainch Center Longmont, which opened in January of 2020–just in time for the pandemic! Jordan is also the integrator for Easton.Online, overseeing all of the company's operations.

Lev Dunaev

Adult BJJ Coach at Easton Littleton

Lev started his journey with Easton in 2013, upon moving to the USA from Russia. Lev fell in love with jiu-jitsu but believes that it was the community at Easton that amplified his passion for martial arts. Lev started teaching intros to new students in 2016 and began teaching classes in 2018. Lev is Department Head of the Littleton Adult BJJ program. When not on the mats, Lev is usually hanging out with his American Bulldog, Jax.

Michael Phipps

Department Head of Longmont Muay Thai

Michael Phipps is a Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai coach at Easton. He is the department head for the Easton Longmont Muay Thai program and also the Director of Digital Media for Easton Training Centers. Many of the videos and other digital media you see from Easton Online are Michael’s doing. When he’s not on the mats, he’s usually behind a camera or editing at his computer.

We are committed to bringing a systematic, easy-to-understand approach to growing your academy.

Easton Online will teach you how to implement the same systems we use in our own schools, so you can get back to doing the things you love knowing you’re serving your business, your employees, and your students in the best way possible.