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We're a digital academy for martial arts school owners and managers, helping you establish or enhance your business using best practices.


The problem is...

...that running a martial arts school has an endless amount of moving pieces, and the truth is that it is impossible to have every aspect handled skillfully the first go-around.

Every academy owner runs into the same issues:

  • How do I build the best curriculum that students can follow?
  • How do I attract new students while retaining the student base I have?
  • What training materials do I need for my new-hires?
  • How do I hold the standard of excellence and align my team with our core values?
  • How do I create a replicable structure of operation across all levels of my company?
  • How do I streamline communication and expectations within my organization?

We’ve Been Where You Are

We’ve spent thousands only to realize we were doing things unskillfully. We’ve opened schools and had no one sign up. And we’ve learned how to run a successful martial arts school by failing for 20 years.

Now, we’re running seven profitable schools generating over $5 million in revenue, two of them 10,000 sq foot facilities.

We’ve built a well-known martial arts community.

And, we’ve helped other owners turn around their schools to start making a profit.

If you’re looking for answers on how to build or enhance your martial arts school, to set up systems that get you back on the mat, and to make a profit while doing so, you've come to the right place.

Build a Successful Martial Arts Community with Your Business

Imagine opening up a new martial arts school and having hundreds of students already signed up. Imagine creating careers for your employees, who love working for you for years to come. Imagine making a comfortable profit doing what you love—stress-free.

A Complete Program Curriculum & Video Instructional Library

Access to hours of technique videos covering complete fundamental and intermediate programs for Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Kids programs.


Attract New Students & Enhance Your Retenion

A comprehensive overview of best industry practices and staff training videos that will give you all the tools you need to sky rocket your conversion rates, while building rapport with your student base and creating a community.

Evolve Your Staff Development and Create Martial Arts Professionals

We know that the behind every successful academy is a team of engaged, committed, and skilled team members. Our curriculum provides hours of staff training videos for every level of your academy. We help to consistently create professional managers, instructors, and front desk employees that will provide your students with an unparalleled academy experience.

Black Belt Business Podcast

Listen to episodes where we share stories, strategies, tactics, tools, and resources that will help you establish and grow your martial arts school.


Martial Arts Resources

Free Easton Online resources will instantly impact your academy and give you a brief look into the value that Easton Online can bring to your academy.