Is running your martial arts academy overwhelming?


Are you committed to growing your student base, lowering your attrition rates, and building the best martial arts academy possible?

  • Are you finding that running a martial arts school is leaving you with less time to do the things that got you into martial arts in the first place?
  • Is it difficult to prioritize and juggle all the moving pieces?

You started your martial arts academy out of the love for the sport, but you are now finding being a business overwhelming and stressful.

We are here to provide you with the same level of support and instruction in business as your students within your academy.

Our Affiliate Curriculum is a 6-month course that will teach you everything you need to know about running a profitable academy.

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The problem is...

...that running a martial arts school has an endless amount of moving pieces, and the truth is that it is impossible to have every aspect handled skillfully the first go-around.

Every academy owner runs into the same issues:

  • How do I build the best curriculum that students can follow?
  • How do I attract new students while retaining the student base I have?
  • What training materials do I need for my new-hires?
  • How do I hold the standard of excellence and align my team with our core values?
  • How do I create a replicable structure of operation across all levels of my company?
  • How do I streamline communication and expectations within my organization?

The reality is that...

the martial arts space is extremely competitive, and now more than ever it is essential to have a competitive edge.

Easton Online is here to help.

Why did we create the Easton Online Affiliate Curriculum?

  • We want to share martial arts with as many people as we can, and help others who have the same goal
  • 30 years of experience building, developing and growing academies
  • We’ve collected and crafted the best industry practices, tools, and resources that will guide you to success
Get the Affiliate Curriculum

Have you ever felt overwhelmed?

We’ve helped many owners and managers who have felt the same. Our program was designed to help you run a successful business by developing structure through a systematic approach while streamlining communication across all levels.

These are the exact systems, processes, and procedures we use in our academies everyday to:

- Train and hire staff

- Market and sell memberships

- Teach amazing classes that keep students coming back

- Build skilled martial artists

- And Much more..

Sleep easy knowing that your academy is trending in the right direction.

We all want to focus on doing what we dreamed of. Not sitting in front of spreadsheets all day. Easton Online is committed to allowing every academy owner to focus on what got them excited about opening an academy- changing people’s lives.

Easton Online

A Digital Academy for Martial Arts School Owners and Managers Committed to Grow and Enhance Your Business Using Proven Concepts, Tools, and Practices
By becoming an Easton Online affiliate you will be able to:
  • Gain access to all of the systems and processes we use in our 9 profitable academies
  • Learn how to develop your own approach toward building your academy
  • Amplify your leads and conversion rate
  • Boost your membership numbers
  • Gain access to hours of curriculum training videos
  • Build a team of professional martial arts instructors 
  • Benefit from designed email sequences, social media ads, landing pages, and a number of other digital tools that will streamline communication and tasks between owners, managers, department heads, and instructors.
  • Network and communicate with a community of Easton Online affiliates working towards business mastery
Access the Affiliate Academy Curriculum

As an Easton Online affiliate have access to:

6-Month Affiliate Curriculum Course

  • All our systems and processes learned over 25 years operating martial arts academies.
  • Everything you need to know to run your academy from selling memberships to hiring an amazing staff.
  • How to build a BJJ, Striking, and Kids Martial Arts program.
  • How to effectively market your school without breaking the bank.
  • Understand your metrics and how to improve your processes based on the numbers.
(value of $549)

Front Desk First Impression Specialist Course

  • A standardized approach to training your front desk staff.
  • Systems to track, maintain, and improve tangible metrics.
  • Streamline communication between your academy and its students.
  • Demonstrate how your front desk employees can boost retention and minimize attrition through their position.
  • Provide training material to all of your new hires.
(value of $379)

BJJ Staff Training Video Course

  • Instill core values and beliefs, and demonstrate your ‘why’ to every new team member.
  • A standardized approach to aiding your managers in training new instructors.
  • Consistency in training your staff is essential for setting clear expectations.
(value of $479)

BJJ Fundamentals Curriculum Video Database

  • A comprehensive model for preparing instructors to teach brand new students and keep them engaged.
  • All video collection of the bread and butter techniques that will guide your students to a general fluency in all the basic positions of BJJ
  • Ensure consistency of instruction throughout all your classes and instructors
  • Communicates expectations of all your instructors so they know exactly what to teach and how to teach it
(value of $479)

BJJ Intermediate Gi Curriculum Video Database

  • This course features the next chapter of BJJ for your students.
  • Logical weekly progression of techniques to keep students engaged and feeling adequate.
  • Never jump around esoteric techniques, allow your instructors to know exactly what they will be teaching in their weekly classes.
(value of $479)

BJJ Intermediate No-Gi Curriculum Video Database

  • A complete no-gi video instructional database for students that have completed the gi fundamentals course.
  • Easy-to-replicate week to week cohesive curricula.
  • Ensures that all your no-gi instructors are teaching consistent classes week to week.
(value of $479)

Kids BJJ Tigers Fundamentals Curriculum Video Database

A successful kids program, if done correctly, is one of the most lucrative products that a martial arts academy can offer.

  • Deep dive into class structure, building relationships, controlling a class and creating discipline
  • A video database of games and techniques to make jiu-jitsu fun
  • Teach your instructors the culture of your kids program
(value of $479)

Kids BJJ Tigers Intermediate Curriculum Video Database

This video series is all about the kids that have gone through the Little Tigers/Tigers Fundamentals Curriculum and are now ready to delve into the intermediate techniques that assume a base level of knowledge.

  • Build on the Fundamentals curriculum
  • Encourage and empower new intermediate students
  • Keep students engaged and excited
  • Make presentation of techniques consistent across all classes
(value of $479)

Kids Muay Thai Fundamentals Video Curriculum Database

The Kids Muay Thai Fundamentals Curriculum is a palatable introduction to mastering the basic concepts surrounding Muay Thai.

  • Easy to learn instructional concepts
  • Teach instructors how to maintain control while engaging the class
  • Week to week skill that build and keep students coming back for more

Spots are filling up fast, what are you waiting for?

Our Easton Online Guarantee

We are confident that you will gain unprecedented value from our Easton Online program as we utilize tried and true standards and systems to elevate your academy. If you are not satisfied with the Easton Online program for any reason we will honor a 30-day money back guarantee.

There is simply no risk to you.

Gold Access


  • The Full 6-month affiliate curriculum
  • PLUS:
  • Front Desk First Impression Specialist Course (value of $549)
  • BJJ Staff Training Video Course (value of $379)
  • BJJ Fundamentals Curriculum Video Database (value of $479)
  • BJJ Intermediate Gi Curriculum Video Database (value of $479)
  • BJJ Intermediate No-Gi Curriculum Video Database (value of $479)
  • Kids BJJ Tigers Fundamentals Curriculum Video Database (value of $479)
  • Kids BJJ Tigers Intermediate Curriculum Video Database (value of $479)
  • Kids Muay Thai Fundamentals Video Curriculum Database (value of $479)
  • And More!


How much time does the full course take?

We encourage our affiliates to think of this program as an ongoing supplement to your day-to-day activities. All of your new hires need to have access to the training programs, all your instructors need to cross train across new curricula, and you will have weekly issues that pop-up as a result of running an ever-changing and developing business that you will need skillful guidance on.

Is there an existing community of Easton Online affiliates?

Yes! We already work with a dozen well recognizes academies nationwide that are committed to attaining their goals, attend our weekly meetings, and are active within our Voxer group!

Is everything available immediately?

Yes, as soon as you purchase and subscribe to the monthly membership, upon the signing and the receipt of a standard NDA, you will have access to all of the materials included in the membership that you have selected.

How much do I save when signing up for this program?

From the moment you subscribe to become our Platinum Affiliate to Easton Online you will have access to over $6000 of content! The weekly consultancy services are covered by the membership so you are saving money every month as long as you are subscribed.

Here’s the truth...

You will save thousands of dollars by not undergoing this journey alone, in fact, it does not take a village, but rather it takes a community of like-minded individuals that are aligned by the same values to make it to the top.

Our Easton Online coaching staff has over 30 years of combined experience in constructing and working with time-proven industry standards systems and will help you along the way that will streamline your business operation.

Remember why you started...

We align our life in martial arts because we recognize the incredible opportunity we have to change people's lives. Our Easton Online affiliate program will allow you to work towards creating a business model that gives you the gives you time and freedom to focus on what's important; focusing on people. Building the relationships with your students, building better instructors, and developing effective managers. 

Easton Online is committed to your excellence.